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The more the number of organisers of events, the bigger the Big Help Out will be. Thousands of organisations, from the smallest local community groups to some of the UKs biggest names are doing just that. Our Partner Pack is a great resource for all the information you might need to start planning.

Create a new account or login to the Big Help Out Platform today, and start uploading your volunteering opportunities and/or events!

Go ahead and spread the word in your communities and on social media by using or adapting the helpful designs in our Partner Pack.

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Book in hand icon inspiring schools to participate in volunteering and the the Big Help Out, UK

This year, The Big Help Out begins on Friday, June 7th, so schools across the UK can all lend a hand!

We ask that you use the Big Help Out to educate and engage your students in volunteering. Early involvement in volunteering and social action increases a child’s likelihood of taking part in the future.

Working together, teachers have the power to instil the values of compassion and community service in the next generation. For many this is a part of your regular work anyway!

To make this as simple as possible, we have created an assembly centred on changing the perceptions of volunteering with VotesforSchools for you to use, as well as collaborating with fantastic partners to develop various ways for your students to lend a helping hand.

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